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Waterfowl Hunts


3 Day Waterfowl Hunt- $2,495 - Per Person

Our guided waterfowl hunts start in September and run until the third weekend of October. After the third weekend of October our waterfowl hunts can be paired with pheasant for an additional $300 and have a minimum of 10 hunters. Prairie Dogs can be added for an additional $300 a day with no minimum number of hunters needed. Thermal predator hunt cans can be added at $450 per day. 3 days use of 1,000 yard rage is $300. Price does not include Tax or Gratuities

OUT OF STATE HUNTERS MUST APPLY FOR WATERFOWL LISENCE IN JUNE(we suggest the 10 day public or private land license for first choice and the 3 day private land license as your second). 

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What is Included

  • Bird cleaning, packaging & freezing

  • Kennels for our guest hunting dogs

  • Up to Daily Limit of ducks and geese per day 

  • Professional & experienced guides

  • Decoys and blind for various hunting scenarios 

  • Hunting on private land managed specifically for waterfowl

  • Comfortable lodging in the country just minutes from the field

  • Dinners can be catered for an additional $300 per person 

What is Not Included

Packages do not include:

  • South Dakota hunting license

  • Meals (Kitchens provided, 5 restaurants 3 miles away, lunches in the field)

  • Alcoholic beverages

  • Gratuities

  • Transportation (unless arranged ahead of time)

  • Additional hunting add-ons (prairie dog, thermal predator, pheasant, etc.)

  • Price does not include Tax or Gratuities

What to Bring

Below is a list of things we find most people will need and use. Please bring anything else you may find suitable.

  • Shotguns (12, 20, etc.)

  • Shotgun Shells (Non-Toxic for Ducks and Geese)

  • Plugs for waterfowl guns

  • South Dakota Hunting License (Non-Resident Waterfowl Hunters Must Apply in JUNE) Link to GFP Website Above

  • Appropriate hunting clothes (please pack for warmer and cooler weather than what is expected. We have had hunts where it can be 80 degrees one day and 25 and snowing the next.

  • Breakfast for before the hunt

  • Snacks and water for throughout the day

  • Lunch for in the field

  • Cooler for food, water and to take home birds.

  • Camera to capture memories

  • Anything else you may need

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