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“Thanks very much for a great few days at your lodge. The hospitality and service were impeccable, and the SD pheasant hunting simply outstanding! In the three days our group of 17 shot 153 pheasants! Amazing! As you know, I'll be back next year! Please make sure the boss knows how much we appreciate all her work winning and dinning she did for us! See you next year! All the best!”

–Rich Armondo, Atlanta, Ga


“I want to thank you for a wonderful time we had at your ranch. The birds were wild as the lies told around the dinner table after the hunt. It really makes things interesting hunting wild pheasant at your ranch after so many years of hunting pen raised birds on preserves around the area. Thanks so much for the experience and I am glad I was able to secure the dates for next year. This is one hunt Brett, I and the rest of the gang wouldn’t miss.”

-Paul Bordman, Austin, Texas


–Shane First, Denver, CO

“I wanted to say how great the entire hunting experience was. The accommodations were fantastic and the guides and were also excellent. My compliments for an outstanding setup truly first class! We are already talking about doing it again next year and Pheasant Hills Lodge is everyone’s first choice.”


"I just wanted to send all of you a note of thanks for the outstanding experience at Pheasant Hills Lodge. From a professional standpoint I could not have hoped for a better experience for my client Win Energy and their invited guests. Everything was handled perfectly from the food and accommodations, to the great guides and their dogs. You were always one step ahead in anticipating our needs and we could not have found ourselves in a more perfect setting with such warm hospitality. I had a great time!”

–Steve Boudle, Omaha, NE


Our group had a great time at Wenzel's Pheasant Hills Lodge! We have hunted from Kansas to South Dakota walking in on public land over the years and have never seen the amount of wild pheasant as we did here! Limits everyday on pheasants and phenomenal duck hunting in the morning. The guide and dogs were top notch. Will definitely be back again!

–Tyler Hart, Williamston, MI

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