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Pheasant and Pheasant/Waterfowl Combo Hunts

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3 Day Pheasant Hunt - $2,495 - Per Person

Our guided pheasant hunts start the third weekend in October and run through the end of January. From the time our season starts to the second week in December we require a minimum of 10 hunters or $21,950 split between the group if less than 10. Our common group size is 12-14 hunters but we can accommodate up to 16. Dinners can be catered for total of $2,795 per person.

Price does not include Tax or Gratuities


3 Day Pheasant / Waterfowl Combo - $2,495 + $300 Per Day for Waterfowl

During our pheasant hunting season, hunters can upgrade their pheasant hunt to a pheasant and waterfowl combo hunt for an additional $300 per day. Mornings will be spent hunting waterfowl over field or water and afternoons spent chasing wild roosters. This is one of our most popular hunts as you will be able to hunt numerous waterfowl species in the morning and then switch gears to the best upland wing shooting South Dakota has to offer. Price does not include Tax or Gratuities


DIY Unguided Hunt - $2,195

From the second week in December to the end of January, hunters that would like to use their own dogs and no guide can hunt for a discounted price. Hunters will be shown an area where they can hunt and its boundaries. Price includes access to prime pheasant habitat set up specifically for an abundance of roosters as well as lodging. Meals and guides not included. There is no minimum number of hunters for these hunts. Kids 18 and under can join at a discounted price of $500 per person. Price does not include Tax or Gratuities

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What is Included

  • Shooting practice on sporting clay range

  • Kennels for our guest hunting dogs

  • Up to 3 pheasant per day 

  • Up to Daily Limit of ducks and geese per day for combo hunts

  • Professional & experienced guides

  • Hunting over professionally trained bird dogs

  • Hunting on private land managed specifically for pheasants and waterfowl

  • Comfortable lodging in the country just minutes from the field

  • Bird cleaning, packaging & freezing (can be added)

  • Gun Rental if needed (Benelli 12 or 20 gauge)

  • Ammo - Can be purchased on site

  • Prairie Dog, Waterfowl or 1,000 yard Life Size Target Range can be added at $300 a day.

  • Thermal Predator Hunts can be added at $300 per day 

  • South Dakota hunting license

  • Meals (Kitchens provided, 5 restaurants 3 miles away, lunches in the field)

  • Alcoholic beverages

  • Transportation (unless arranged ahead of time)

  • Price does not include Tax or Gratuities

Not Included

What to Bring

Below is a list of things we find most people will need and use. Please bring anything else you may find suitable.

  • Shotguns (12, 20, 16 Gage etc.)

  • Shotgun Shells (Lead shot is acceptable for Upland, Non-Toxic for Ducks and Geese. 

  • Plugs for waterfowl guns

  • South Dakota Hunting License (Non-Resident Waterfowl Hunters Must Apply Between June 15th -  July 10th)

  • Hunters orange 

  • Game Vest

  • Safety Glasses 

  • Good boots for walking (sometimes it can get wet)

  • Bird dog if wanted. Dogs available and provided if needed. 

  • Appropriate hunting clothes (please pack for warmer and cooler weather than what is expected. We have had hunts where it can be 80 degrees one day and 25 and snowing the next.

  • Upland pants are good to have but not required.

  • Breakfast for before the hunt

  • Snacks and water for throughout the day

  • Lunch for in the field

  • Cooler for food, water and to take home birds.

  • Camera to capture memories

  • Anything else you may personally need

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